WFNR memory study

unnamedDear Colleagues,

We are conducting a survey to find out what short-term/working memory assessment procedures therapists and researchers use when working with people with aphasia, regardless of medical cause. This will help us identify current clinical practices and the possible need for future test development and clinical training.

We are defining short-term memory (STM) as the active memory stored and accessible within a short period of time; working memory (WM) refers to the memory that allows temporary storage and manipulation of information. We recognize there will be differences in your practice as you tailor to individual people, but if you could think in general, then that would be helpful.

It would be extremely helpful if you could take 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire that can be accessed via the link provided below. We hope you will find it interesting to reflect on your assessment practice. Your responses will be anonymous but you can of course contact us if you are interested in the findings or want to discuss any aspects.

With many thanks for your time.

Katrina Bakas
Indiana University

Professor Laura Murray
Indiana University

Christos Salis
Newcastle University

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